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Fresh Produce Association of the Americas.

We are very happy to have added the Fresh Produce Association of the Americas to the list of companies whose accounts may be imported to our FRESH SOFTWARE CONCEPTS application. This will allow their invoices and corresponding charges to be automatically retrieved and entered by each of our clients. It gives us great satisfaction to be able to contribute to the OPTIMAZATION of our clients' time with this and other implementations that will help them to save hours of work, and to minimize errors.

Electronic Data Interface with US and Mexican Custom House Brokers

Fresh Software Concepts, Inc. is working together with both US and Mexican Customs brokers in order to facilitate the OPTIMization and automation of the data-transfer process. We are very excited with the outcome achieved through this collaborative effort achieved on behalf of our clients.

We developed one of these tools by working with various US and Mexican Custom House Brokers, in an attempt to speed-up and simplify their work. The resulting tool is the ability to electronically send manifests from the distributor to the broker, and bills from the broker back to the distributor via Fresh Software Concepts. Fresh Software automatically enters it automatically, thereby avoiding the tedious work of manually entering the information. Our customers also have the ability to convert a PDF file containing invoices and other information into images at their disposal for viewing and printing.

Our customers have been very satisfied to see how the effort that we put forth on a daily basis to make their time more efficient makes a difference in their bottom line.

Country of Origin requirements

Having trouble meeting "Country of Origin" requirements?-With our software you can meet any demand, and best of all it's easy, because we do all the work for you!

Tracing Requirements

What about Tracing Requirements?-Don't worry about a thing. Our software keeps you compliant with Traceability requirements without any effort on your part.

Want to automate your tracking even more?-With optional bar-coding, RFID, and wireless terminal features you can do it!